Irish Harness Racing Association | Annaghmore Race Winners 2019

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Annaghmore Raceway, Saturday, 17 August 2019

Pace Grade G & G1 HCPArt at the BeachJonathan Cowden02:10:10350
Trot Grade G, F & E HCPDonaldMartin Loughran02:07:90750
Pace Grade F (FFA)IB A MagicianWayne McNevin02:04:80350
Clockwise Trot Grade E&D HCPAramPhilip Gilligan03:17:60500
Pace Grade E&C HCPTarawood CJPhilip Gilligan02:03:30350
Trot Grade D,C&B HCPBest of BuroisWayne Swindle02:07:00800

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Thanks to Frank Kingston, John Malone & Aedamar Kincaid

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