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Leinster 200 Motorcycle Race (Tallaght Circuit) 1935-1949

The Starting Line of the Leinster 200 Motorcycle Race at the Priory, Tallaght [Ref: 3][Photo: Richie Dunne]

Leinster 200 Motorcycle Race 1935-1949

YearWinner (Motorcycle)
1935(Race held in Skerries)
1936J. Dunne 350cc Norton
1937R. Pennycock 350cc Norton
1938R.A. Edwards 350cc Norton
1939“R. Hunter” 350cc Norton
1948F. Nugent 350cc Norton
1949M. Barrington 350cc Norton
International Leinster Trophy Motorcycle Race Winners 1935-1949 [Reference: 1]


The Leinster Motorcycle & Car Club was founded in 1921. In 1923 they began organising 100-mile Motor-Cycle Races, and in 1930 the Leinster Trophy moved to a new circuit around Skerries-Rush-Lusk. In 1934 they ran the first Leinster Trophy Car Race, which was won by Miss Fay Taylour, driving a car owned by Fianna Fail TD, Robert Briscoe.

In 1935 the circuit moved to Tallaght, as the Skerries circuit was not suited to 4-wheeled vehicles, and the race continued around the Tallaght Circuit until 1939, and the outbreak of World War II. It was restarted in 1948, and continued for two years.

The winners of each of the races drove a 350cc Norton.

The race ran from Main St, Tallaght, along to Templeogue Bridge, then down Firhouse Road to Old Bawn, and back up to Main St, Tallaght.

The races were Major events on the Irish Motor Racing Calendar. [Reference: 1]

Leinster 200 Motorcycle Race – Turning into the Village at O’Neill’s [Ref: 4][Photo Richie Dunne]



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