Droned Ireland | Irish Drone Racing Nationals 2015-2018

IDRN Winners 2015-2018

Year1st PilotTime2nd PilotTime3rd PilotTime
2015Slawomir Zielinski
2016KentXY.FPVLiam Noble

Reference: [1-4]


The first Irish Drone Racing National Championships were held in 2015, Slawomir Zielinski winning. 32 Pilots entered the first Nationals. The following year Kent won followed by XY.FPV and Liam Noble of Northern Ireland.

In 2017 the event became best 3 races of 8, with 5 points awarded to the winner of each race and 4 pts second and so on. Banniuk was top Pilot this time with 15 Pts. In 2018, the title wasdecided by best race of 7, with BatFPV taking the winners podium.


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