World Sports

World Sports include the Asian Sports of Polo (Iran), Kabaddi (India), Sepak Takraw (South East Asia), Cuju (China), Kemari (Japan); Oceanian Sports of Polocrosse (Northern Territories, Australia), Marn Grook (Australian Aboriginal), Road Tennis (Barbados); African Sports of Ringball (South Africa) and Chandimu (Tanzania); South American Sports of Cestoball (Argentina) and Chaco South American Indian Hockey; Central American Sports of Ulama (Mexico – Aztec), Pok-ta-Pok (Guatemala, Belize and Honduras – Maya); North American Sports of Stickball (Oklahoma – Choctaw) and Ringette (Canada)

Oceanian Sports

Oceanian sports included here are those of Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Atlantic Islands, Indian Ocean, Caribbean and Arctic (Greenland and Canadian Arctic)

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Road Tennis (Barbados)

Professional Road Tennis Association

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Australian Sports

Australian Aboriginal: Marn Grook

Marn Grook (Australian Aboriginal Football)

Ireland v Zimbabwe player riders horse action play at world cup polo-cross championship games at Shongweni equestrain fields outside Durban.


Polocrosse is a version of Lacrosse played on Horseback. It was invented in Northern Australia in the 1970s and the first World Cup was played in 2003.

Polocrosse (Australia)

International Polocrosse

Polocrosse (Northern Australia)

IPC World Cup (Editions): 2019 2003

Irish Polocrosse Association National Finals (Years):


Irish Polocrosse Association A Grade Tournaments (Years):


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Polo originated in Iran and was introduced to Britain and Ireland by the British Army after it was discovered there.

Polo (Iran – Central Asia)

Polo (Iran)

FIP European Championships: 2016

Kabaddi is an Indian Tag Game, popular throughout South Asia, whereby a team has to tag players on the opposing team and get back to their own base without being tagged in turn in the time it takes to hold their breath. In order to ensure the players are holding their breath they have to repeat “Kabaddi” over and over again.

Kabaddi (India – South Asia)

Kabaddi (Ireland)

Kabaddi Trinity Indian Society 2013

Pro Kabaddi (India)

Pro Kabaddi (India) 2013-Present

MALAYSIA, KUALA LUMPUR, 10 SEPTEMBER 2017 – Sepak Takraw Athletes perform during 29th Sea Games Kuala Lumpur 2017.

Picture Credit: Mohd Nasirruddin Yazid

Sepak Takraw is a version of Volleyball played with every part of the body except the arms and is Native to Malaysia and Thailand, both of whom claim to have invented it and where the game is a National Sport. It is popular throughout South East and East Asia.

Sepak Takraw (Malaysia, Thailand – South East Asia)

Sepak Takraw (Ireland)

UCD Sepak Takraw Club 2014-Present

Sepak Takraw League (Malaysia)

Sepak Takraw League (Malaysia) 2015-2016

Sepak Takraw Games (East Indonesia)

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Kemari is an ancient Keepie-Uppie Version of Football from Japan.


Hanetsuki is a traditional Japanese form of Badminton.

Japanese Sports

Hanetsuki (Japanese Badminton)

Kemari (Japanese Football)

Kemari (Japanese Football Code) 794-Present

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Cuju is an ancient Keepie-Uppie Version of Football from China.

Chinese Sports

Cuju (Chinese Football)

Cuju (Chinese Football Code) 770 BC – Present

African Sports

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African Sports include Ringball, a South African version of Basketball.

Chandimu is an African Street Football sport.

African Sports

South African Ringball

SAR Super 10s Dames (Seasons): 2019

Tanzania: Chandimu

Chandimu (Tanzanian Football)

North American Sports

North American World Sports are Cowboy Polo, invented in New Mexico and now played only in Montana; and Ringette, a non-contact form of Ice Hockey popular in Canada, which utilises a straight stick which is used to guide a hoop around the ice and into a goal. Players use sponges on their feet rather than Ice Skates. Native North American Sports include Choctaw Stickball

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Choctaw Stickball

Native American Sports include Stickball, a Choctaw game in Oklahoma.

Choctaw Stickball:

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar Playing Stickball Choctaw Nation 2018


Canadian Ringette

Canadian Rigette

Ringette Nova Scotia Women’s Recreational League 2015-2020

Central America

Ulama (as known to the Mexica (Aztecs) or Pok-ta-Pok (as known to the Maya) is a Native Mexican and Central American Sports using a rubber ball and the hips. It is played in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. Road Tennis is the National Sport of Barbados.

Mayan Ball court found in Uxmal This ball court is part of the Mayan culture found all over Yucatan’s archeological sites. Uxmal is in Yucatan an it used to be a huge populated city.

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By Leon Rafael

Ulama is the ancient sport of the Native Aztec (Mexica) and Maya of Central America (Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras). It is played with the hips, with two teams trying to propel the ball past the opposing team and has been played since 1400 BC. It is known as “Pok Ta Pok” to the Maya and “Ulama” to the Mexica.

The Juego de Pelota Mesoamerican Ulamaztli Championship is an Annual Regional Competition in Teotihuacan, Mexico City, the seat of the ancient religious / ritual centre, and where the most impressive ancient Ball Court is to be seen.

The Ulama Mesoamerican Ball Game Tournament is the Annual World Cup basically, bringing together teams from Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.

Mesoamerican Ulama Pok-ta-Pok

Ulama (Pok-ta-Pok)

Ulama Mesoamerican Ball Game Tournament (Ulama World Cup)

Ulama Pok-ta-Pok Mesoamerican Ball Game Tournament 2017-Present

Juego de Pelota Mesoamerican Ulamaztli Championship (Teotihuacan, Mexico)

Juego de Pelota Championship (seasons): 


Ancient Mesoamerican Ball Game

South American Sports

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South American Sports


Cestoball (Argentina)

Cestoball is a version of Basketball Native to Argentina. The Liga Nacional A is the Top Men’s Division in the country.

Confederacion Argentina de Cestoball Liga Nacional A 2014-2015

Chaco Indian Hockey

Chaco South American Indian Hockey