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Girl Jockey Horse Jumping in Competition
Girl jockey riding a horse jumps over a barrier on equestrian competitions. Girl riding a horse on jumping competitions. – Photo Contributor: Mykola59 [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/girl-jockey-riding-horse-jumps-over-1761706922 [Accessed 16 September 2022]


Endurance Ireland; Badminton Horse Trials

Endurance Riding has been part of the Federation Equestre Internationales events since the 1980s. It involves riders and horses covering varying terrain over distances of up to 160km. The key to endurance Riding is the welfare of the horse, and to this end there are regular vet checks before, during and after rides.

Badminton Horse Trials

Badminton Horse Trials Mitsubishi Motors Trophy (Years): 2002

Endurance Ireland

Endurance Ireland Trophies (Years):