Contests include Quizzes and Mind-Games such as the Maths Olympiad and Spelling Bees; Musical Sports and Games such as The Eurovision Song Contest; Fiddle Contests, Duelling Banjos, Battle of the Bands, Rap Contests; Dance & Cheer Sports such as Ballroom Dancing, Breakdancing and Cheer Sport; TV Gameshows such as American Ninja; Gladiators; The Crystal Maze; Debating Contests; Talent Contests such as The Rose of Tralee, X-Factor and Ireland’s Got Talent and Body-Building and Beauty Contests.

International Maths Olympiad Logo

Maths Olympiad

International Maths Olympiad

International Maths Olympiad – Ireland’s Rankings 1988-2020

Picture Credit: [1] International Maths Olympiad (2021) IMOLogo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 9 June 2021]

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group of cheerleader on green field

Cheer Sport

International Cheer Union

International Cheer Union

World Cheerleading Championship

ICU WCC All Girl Elite (Editions): 2015

ICU WCC Coed Elite (Editions): 2015

American Football Ireland Cheerleaders

Cork Admirals Irish American Football Team Cheerleaders 2010

Irish-Born US College Football Cheerleaders

Conal Fagan Irish-Born College American Football Cheerleader 2018-2020

[1] Picture Credit: Pexels Free Photos

woman wears red nike crop top

Body Building & Beauty Contests

Body Building, Beauty Contests, Child Beauty Pageants, Bonnie Baby Competitions, Gurning, Swimsuit and Wet Tee-Shirt Competitions

Body Building and Beauty Contests such as Bonnie Baby Competitions, Child Beauty Pageants, Beauty Pageants, Swimsuit and Wet Tee-Shirt Competitions and Gurning (Pulling funny or ugly faces) are Contests which have little or no sporting value in that they are based on how good a person looks (or bad in the case of gurning) and are therefore subjective. Competitions of these nature shall not be covered in this Archive and are only noted here to note their existence.

Picture Credit: Pexels Free Photos