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Results (Finals)

All Ireland Trot Series Final Portmarnock 29.09.2019
1Besame MuchoJohn Richardson3200
2Beach de BellouetBilly Roche1800
3AbrahamSimon Duggan800
4Aubade A HelenePatrick Kane Jnr450
5Brooklyn TrixieSean Kane450
All Ireland Trot Series ConsolationPortmarnock29.09.2019
1Cilando du TempsJonathan Cowden1500
2Epsom D’OccagnesAnthony Malone700
3CoolDaniel McAteer500

Reference: [5]

Table After Heats (24 August 2019)

*Bolchoi D’ItonBilly Roche18
*Besame MuchoJohn Richardson18
*Audabe A HelenePatrick Hill16
*Beach de BellouetFreddy Kavanagh Jnr15
*Brooklyn TrixieSean Kane12
^AbrahamSimon Duggan11
^Emeric de PerreuxJohn Richardson7
^CoolDaniel McAteer4
^Epsom D’OccagnesAnthony Malone2
^ArruffiacPatrick Kane2
Ultimo D’OuvilleSimon Duggan1
Cilando Du TempsJonathan Cowden1
Vigo de Bassiere1

Reference: [3] * Qualify for Gold Final / ^ Qualify for Silver Final Points:

Results (Winners) 2019

14.07.2019Portmarnock1Bolchoi De L’ItonBilly Roche3.04.9850
14.07.2019Portmarnock2Besame MuchoJohn Richardson3.04.5850
28.07.2019Annaghmore3Beach De BellouetFreddy Kavanagh Jnr3.06.8550
28.07.2019Annaghmore4AbrahamSimon Duggan3.07.9550
25.08.2019Manch5Aubade A HelenePatrick Hill3:22:1850

Reference: [1-3]

Results (Races)

Heat 1Portmarnock14th July 2019
1Bolchoi De L’ItonBilly Roche3.04.9850
2Brooklyn TrixieSean Kane3.04.9425
3Emeric de PerreuxJohn Richardson3.05.1325
4Epsom D’OccagnesAntony Malone3.18.5
5Ultimo D’OuvilleSimon Duggan3.18.7
Heat 2Portmarnock14th July 2019
1Besame MuchoJohn Richardson3.04.5850
2Audabe A HelenePatrick Hill3.05.0425
3Beach De BellouetFreddy Kavanagh Jnr3.05.7325
4ArruffiacPatrick Kane3.06.0
5CoolDaniel McAteer3.04.5
Heat 3Annaghmore21st July 2019
1Beach De BellouetFreddy Kavanagh Jnr3.06.8550
2Bolchoi De L’ItonBilly Roche3.06.8275
3Emeric Du PerreuxJohn Richardson3.09.3175
4Cilando Du TempsJonathan Cowden3.09.6
Heat 4Annaghmore28th July 2019
1AbrahamSimon Duggan3.07.9550
2Besame MuchoJohn Richardson3.08.0275
3CoolDaniel McAteer3.08.9175
4Brooklyn TrixieSean Kane3.10.0
Heat 5Manch25th August 2019
1Aubade A HelenePatrick Hill3:22:1850
2Brooklyn TrixieSean Kane3:22:8425
3Vigo de BassiereDonal Murphy3:23:0325
NRCilando du TempsJonathan Cowden

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