All-Ireland GAA Poc Fada

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An Poc Fada – ‘the Long Puck’ is a Gaelic Game where players use a Hurley to hit a Sliotar (ball) up the side of a mountain and down the other side in as few pucks or shots as possible.

The sport would have a similar origin to the Scottish Game of Golf. It is mentioned in the myths and legends of Ireland, when Setanta took his Hurley / Hurl and hit his Sliotar all the way from Co Louth to Co. Armagh in one go. The All-Ireland Poc Fada Championships have taken place in the Cooley Mountains in Co. Louth since 1961 in commemoration of the legendary feat.

Links to the Results of the GAA Poc Fada All-Ireland CHampionships from the inaugural Championship in 1961 (Men’s) and 2009 (Ladies) are available at the links in blue (below the picture).

All-Ireland Poc Fada Championships

GAA Poc Fada All-Ireland Championships (Hurling & Camogie)

GAA Poc Fada All-Ireland Chamionships (Rolls of Honour):

GAA Poc Fada Hurling All-Ireland Championships Roll of Honour 1961-Present

GAA Poc Fada Camogie All-Ireland Championships Roll of Honour 2009-Present

GAA Poc Fada All-Ireland Hurling Chamionships (Years): 1989 1990 1995 2008 2013 2017 2018

GAA Poc Fada All-Ireland Camogie Chamionships (Years): 2013 2017

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